The length of hair growing in one's lifetime 1.3 Kmspecialist jsoop.

Hair solution proposed by professionals


How many meters are you currently?

  • 10teens ~ 20s
  • 30s ~ 40s
  • 50s ~ 60s
  • 60s ~ 80s

“JSOOP studies the problem of hair loss in various ages.”

The average hair length
growing for a life is



The average hair
length growing
for a month is


The average
Korean life
expectancy is


1.3Km Hair specialist
JSOOP suggest that

1.3km production

1.3Km Production

The hair does not grows for a life time,
And the period for growing hair for a certain time,
having the hair fall off,
and growing new hair is 5 years!

We are developing a new concept product which
uses safe ingredients and is trendy
for the hair in a growing stage, a catagen stage,
and a resting stage.

1.3Km Solution

Hair in growing stage:
the period when hair continuously grow
(approximately 85-90%)
Hair in catagen stage:
the period when the hair stops growing and
shrinks rapidly
Hair in resting stage:
10-15% of total hair amount
(approximately 3-4 months)

We fundamentally research hair & scalp problems without missing.

1.3km solution
1.3km e-business

1.3Km E-Business

We will expand the range of selection for a reliable
product through various distribution channels
by finding causes of the problems and
proposing solution.

JSOOP completes your 1.3km life solution
through continuous research and endless
challenge for healthy scalp and strong hair.

Hair market leading
Professional NO.1

JSOOP is planning to be a leading company lighting green light of export to US,
China, Japan and the like with the innovative quality and modern and sensual products.